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Dr. Budzanani Tacheba, Botswana Innovation Hub’s Director of Cluster Development has vast experience in various start-up and corporate environments. He is well known for his innovation work with Botswana’s entrepreneurs and how he facilitated the establishment of the Botswana Innovation Hub as a private company. In preparation for the Botswana...

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Connect Africa has had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Thuto Gaotingwe, Founder of Modisar and Asante Tech Group. Modisar is an application that helps farmers to continuously monitor their livestock, stay informed on key industry developments and keep abreast of calendar events such a buying...

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We’re thrilled to have Thuto Gaotingwe from Modisar and Asante Technology Group talk about The Entrepreneur Experience in Botswana and some of the key innovations he is currently working on. Thuto is an award-winning entrepreneur from Botswana, winner of the 2014 Orange Social Venture Prize and the 2015 Seedstars World...

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The Botswana Investment Forum takes the approach of positioning the Botswanian investment opportunity within the broader success story of the African technology and start-up space, positioning its strategy for knowledge economy development within this narrative. Far from simply providing a forum scanning ‘vanilla-flavoured’ investment projects, The Botswana Investment Forum...

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