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The Botswana Investment Forum takes the approach of positioning the Botswanian investment opportunity within the broader success story of the African technology and start-up space, positioning its strategy for knowledge economy development within this narrative.

Far from simply providing a forum scanning ‘vanilla-flavoured’ investment projects, The Botswana Investment Forum aims to generate understanding, buy-in and advocacy for Botswana among critical stakeholder groups within one of the key discourses driving innovative FDI in Africa.

We do this by fostering dialogue in innovative settings between multiple decision-makers and getting stakeholders together in an intimate, hand-picked setting.

Building on approach trialed successfully by ecosystems such as Dubai, we take the approach of inserting ourselves into an emerging narrative, and creating ownership of that narrative by making a practical and substantive contribution to the debate, positioning Botswana as a pivot within it.

In this way we highlight the ideas, expertise, opportunities and competitive advantages the country has relative to a majority of its peers that are seeking to capitalize on the emergent African innovation opportunity.

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